Want to get your class for free?

Refer 5 friends to take the class with you at the same time and get your class for free!

You can take any class within the category that you refer (example; referred 5 friends for the CNA class, they pay full price and your tuition is waived!)

Need the class to be conducted at your facility or are you a student that can only attend certain days or hours (weekends/holidays etc..) If you get 5 people we may be able to custom schedule a course for you!

Cant get enough referrals to get your class free? That's OK! Instead, you can get a $25 referral fee for each student you send that attends the full course. (RULES APPLY, NOT ABLE TO BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER)


$25 Referral fee: Referred students must attend the first week of the course (beyond the refund period) before you will be issued the fee.

If referred student drops out prior to the refund period you will not be given any fees.

Your choices are either to refer and earn $25 per person OR have 5 referred friends come with you and get your class fees waived, you cannot do both.

Waived fees are non transferable to another person, place or time. If you fail to complete the course or decide not to come there is no monetary refunds or value and referred friends must complete the course to get your fees waived at the end of the course.