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Veritas Nursing Academy

 Veritas Nursing Academy

Promoting Healthcare Career Growth and Professionalism through Skill Building

About Veritas Nursing Academy

Veritas Nursing Academy located in Tampa Florida offers a range of healthcare classes to help you excel in your career through skill building. Our courses include venipuncture skills classes, Nursing Assistant challenger courses, CPR certification, Med Tech training, CNA Cross Training for hospitals and Nursing Remedial classes. Whether you're searching for "Phlebotomy classes in Florida" or "CNA courses near me," we've got you covered. Join Veritas Nursing Academy to access high-quality education in the healthcare field, positioning you for success in your current medical profession. 

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In Good Hands
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The Latest 

What's happening at Veritas!

Nurse Making Notes

October 1, 2023

CCMA Exam Preparation Courses

Discover new skill-building opportunities at Veritas Nursing Academy. We now offer CCMA exam prep classes, empowering healthcare providers, students, and professionals to excel in the National Certification Examination. Enhance your expertise in Medication Administration, Injections, Medical Office Skills, EMR use, Phlebotomy, EKG, and more!

Phlebotomy for Healthcare Providers

January 1, 2023

Cross-skilling in phlebotomy is a strategic move that empowers healthcare professionals to expand their skillset and enhance their value in the medical field. By mastering phlebotomy techniques, individuals already trained in various healthcare disciplines, such as nurses, medical assistants, or EKG technicians, can diversify their abilities. This multifaceted approach enables them to efficiently draw blood samples, contributing to quicker diagnoses and patient care. Cross-skilling in phlebotomy not only broadens career prospects but also enriches one's ability to provide comprehensive and patient-centered care. It's a valuable addition to any healthcare professional's repertoire, fostering adaptability, versatility, and a holistic approach to healthcare delivery.

Blood Samples
In Good Hands

"Embrace the journey of becoming a healthcare professional with passion and purpose. Your dedication to healing, compassion for others, and commitment to learning will light the way to a brighter, healthier future for all."

Oscar Wilde

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Commitment to your success

What we believe in;

Veritas Nursing Academy and its faculty are committed to your success, just as we are committed to you as the student we look for students who will be committed to their patients "Success in healthcare isn't just an achievement; it's a commitment. Commit to your patients, your learning, and your growth, and you'll find success as a beacon lighting the path to better health for all."

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