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Our comprehensive 2-day in-person CNA Exam Challeger course is designed to help prepare you for success on the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination.



If you have failed the state examination 3x you are not eligable to take this course.


Please note that this class does not include the cost of the state examination with PROMETRIC Testing. We are a CNA testing site meaning, you can test here but your payment for the test will be made directly with Prometric.


This class must have 4 or more students otherwise it will be re-scheduled to the next available date.


Course Overview:

Day 1 - Classroom Instruction:

  • Skills Demonstration: the 22 skills that are on the CNA state examination are performed in the classroom to help you understand exactly what the testing administartors are looking for when you take the clinical skills portion of the state examination. Your online pre recorded skills are available to you for 8 weeks to prepare for the state examination in addition to the lectures.


Online Module (Self-Paced):

  • Flexible Learning: In addition to the in-person classes, you'll have access to a self-paced online module. 
  • Pre-Recorded Powerpoint Lectures and Exam reviews: Learn all about being a CNA through our online lecture course.
  • Clinical Skill Videos: Access state examination focuced clinical skill videos to reinforce your learning and help you grasp the practical aspects. 
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with instructors to clarify doubts and gain a deeper understanding of clinical procedures through Zoom weekly meetings at 10am (participation optional)
  • Practice Quizzes and Assessments: Test your understanding with practice quizzes and assessments, ensuring you are well-prepared for the written portion of the examination.


Upon completion of this 2-day CNA class with 8 weeks online learning modules, you will be well-prepared for both the written and clinical performance sections of the Florida CNA exam. 

CNA Exam Review- In Person- CLICK HERE

  • This is not a Diploma or Degree course, it is a test preparation program that will prepare the student for testing for the Florida CNA Examination to become certified in Florida, Students who have taken and failed the CNA examination 3 times are not eligable for this course. LWe are located in the University Square Mall in sunny Tampa Florida

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