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Approved Florida Nursing Remedial Course

Our Florida Board of Nursing-approved RN and LPN Nursing Remedial Course is a lifeline for those seeking to overcome challenges in their nursing careers. Whether you've faced NCLEX examination setbacks, are a foreign nurse aiming to become licensed in Florida, or are looking to re-enter the nursing field after a hiatus, our comprehensive program is here to help you succeed.

Course Features:

  • Retesting for NCLEX: Graduates who have faced the NCLEX Examination three times without success can benefit from our remedial course to improve their knowledge and skills for a successful retake.

  • Foreign Nurses Welcome: Our course caters to foreign nurses seeking licensure in the state of Florida. We provide the necessary training and support to help you meet the state's requirements.

  • Lapsed or Inactive License: Nurses who no longer have an active license or haven't practiced in five years can utilize our course to refresh their skills and knowledge.

  • Graduated students who seek to prep for the NCLEX RN, NCLEX-PN Exam


Course Components:

80 Hours of Theory: Our comprehensive theoretical curriculum covers essential nursing concepts and updates to ensure you're well-prepared for contemporary nursing practice.

48 Hours of Acute Care Simulated Clinical: Experience simulated clinical scenarios in 12 different clinical areas to enhance your clinical decision-making and practical skills.

48 Hours of In-Person Clinical (Florida Only):  We offer the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on clinical experiences. This can be completed either under the guidance of Veritas Nursing Faculty in our scheduled facilities or with an eligible preceptor who holds an active Florida RN licensure (for RN students) or LPN/RN licensure (for LPN students) in an appropriate clinical setting.


Important Note: Precepting students are required to find their own clinical site and have them approved, these hours must be non-paid with a FLORIDA NURSE in an APPROPRIATE clinical facility. This allows you to gain valuable practical experience while adhering to the state's regulations. All Clinical time must be in FLORIDA. Florida board of Nursing does not allow out of state clinicals. 


At Veritas Nursing, we are committed to supporting you in your journey to regain your nursing licensure or to achieve your dream of becoming a licensed nurse in Florida. Our approved Nursing Remedial Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and clinical skills you need for success. Join us and take the first step towards a fulfilling nursing career in the Sunshine State.


Florida Nursing Remedial Course- CLICK HERE

  • This is not a full nursing program and cannot make you eligable to take the exam if you have not graduated from nursing school. This course is a requirement for those who have failed the NCLEX exam  times.

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