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This course is for students who HAVE NOT failed the examination, it is a tool to use for review and not meeting a requirement to the Florida Board in order to test. If you need a remedial coUrse in order to be eligable to re-test for the NCLEX pleass visit our Nursing Remedial course page.


Course Features:

Course Components:

80 Hours of Theory: Our comprehensive theoretical curriculum covers essential nursing concepts and updates to ensure you're well-prepared for contemporary nursing practice.

48 Hours of Acute Care Simulated Clinical: Experience simulated clinical scenarios in 12 different clinical areas to enhance your clinical decision-making and practical skills.


Nursing Refresher Course- CLICK HERE

  • This is not a full nursing program and cannot make you eligable to take the exam if you have not graduated from nursing school. This course is help you to prepare for NCLEX Examination.

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